Cinéma du Réel - International documentary film festival




The International Competition

A selection of eleven international and French films in World (WP), International (IP) or French premiere (FP), competing for the Cinéma du réel Grand Prix, the Scam International Award, the Young Jury Award, the Library Award, the Intangible Heritage Award and the Potemkine/ Publishers’ Award.

The French Competition

A selection of ten films produced in France, in World (WP), International (IP) or French premiere (FP), competing for the Institut français Louis Marcorelles Award, the Library Award, the
Young Jury Award, the Intangible Heritage Award and the Potemkine/Publishers’ Award.

The First Films International Competition

A selection of nine first, second and third international and French films in World (WP) or International (IP) premiere (FP), competing for the Joris Ivens Award, the Young Jury Award, the Library Award, the Intangible Heritage Award and the Potemkine/Publishers’ Award.

The Short Films International Competition

A selection of eleven international and French short films in World (WP), International (IP) or French premiere (FP) competing for the Short Film Award and the Fresnes Prisoners’ Award.




Keith Griffiths : Anxious visions

A carte blanche for Keith Griffiths, British producer and director, whose artistic choices have helped to shift cinema’s frontier, within and beyond the documentary genre. This inaugurates a new section of the Festival, designed to create an intimate and professional portrait of a producer, building on a freely chosen path through his or her work and inspirations. Keith Griffiths will be here to talk about the films he has chosen and explain what makes them important to him. (Photo : "London", Patrick Keiller, ARR)

- 13 films chosen by Keith Griffith



Shelly Silver - In between

This new section of the festival focuses on artists working at the intersection of documentary, fiction and contemporary art. Since the 1980s, Shelly Silver has been questioning the value of images through continually changing forms. But no matter how eclectic, her work always seeks to unveil the desires and ideology that bias representation. Shelly Silver will invite personalities of her choice to discuss her work with her–another feature of this new section. (Photo : "Small Lies, Big Truth", Shelly Silver, ARR)

- 18 films, feature or short films
- Artist talk with Shelly Silver
- Special screening in collaboration with the Jeu de Paume, with Avi Mograbi and Rasha Salti.
- Installation "Hidden among the Leaves", Forum -1



Amit Dutta: Through the Looking Glass

A well-known figure of contemporary Indian cinema, Amit Dutta explores the expressive dimensions of cinema as a time machine. He builds up a universe for the spectator where research feeds the imaginary, where the arts, history and mythology form part of landscapes and gestures and where knowledge enchants reality. (Photo : "Gita Govinda", Amit Dutta, ARR)

- 12 films, 2 world premiere: "Purna / Apurna" (Finished/Unfinished, The Rock-Cut Temples of Masrur) and "Even Red Can Be Sad"
- Meeting: Amit Dutta, cinema is research. Hosted by Marie-Pierre Duhamel-Muller

Curated by Marie-Pierre Duhamel-Muller


Haskell Wexler : At work

All by himself, Haskell Wexler (born in 1922) offers us the whole orb of cinema. A well-known cinematographer, he has been awarded several Oscars. At the same time, he has produced, made and directed the photography for anti-imperialist, anticapitalist, anti-racist documentaries and fiction films that document the energy and courage of the peoples of the United States, Central America, South America and Vietnam. (Photo : "Four Days in Chicago", Haskell Wexler, ARR)

- 11 films
- Master-Class Haskell Wexler: At Work by Pamela Yates. With the special screenings of two films: Haskell Wexler Slideshow by Joan Churchill and Rebel Citizen by Pamela Yates, a previously unseen portrait of Haskell Wexler, made specially for Cinéma du réel and shot by Travis Wilkerson.

Curated by Nicole Brenez


Vampires of cinema

Fiction cinema has always incorporated documentary practices so as to appear more authentic. This retro-spective is a serious and playful attempt to reverse this point of view by showing just how much the documentary itself has often infiltrated fiction in order to vampirize its codes, styles and forms : the capture of Fiction Palace by the vampires of cinema! (Photo : "The Thin Blue Line", Errol Morris, ARR)

- 11 films

Curated by Federico Rossin


A Story Through Images: The Greek Film Archive in Focus

An evocation of the history of the Greek Film Archive through a selection of key films made between 1924 and 2012. It mirrors the development of the archive, from its creation by a small group of enthusiasts in the 1950s to its recognition as the official film heritage institution of Greece, in spite of lack of a consistent state policy. (Photo : "Proti Ili", Christos Karakepelis, ARR)

- 12 films
- From March 23 to 28, screenings will be presented by Maria Komninos (programming officer at the Greek Film Archive)

In partnership with the Greek Film Archive, l’Institut français and Phonie-Graphie




Special screenings :

- Opening night : Austerlitz, Stan Neumann, World Premiere. A stroll across Europe in the footsteps of Jacques Austerlitz, a character from W.G. Sebald's novel and played here by Denis Lavant. (Photo : "Austerlitz", Stan Neumann, ARR)
Award ceremony : Zwischen zwei Kriegen, Harun Farocki. As a tribute to Harun Farocki, a screening of his first feature.
- Séance
, de Yuri Ancarani, International Premiere. Partnered by Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Parigi. A séance in Carlo Mollino’s Casa-Museo.
- How to Smell a Rose: a Visit with Ricky Leacock in Normandy
, Les Blank and Gina Leibrecht. A portrait of the co-founder of Direct Cinema by one of his disciples.
- Wenn aus dem Himmel
, Fabrizio Ferraro, World Premiere. + Live music. The jazz musicians Paolo Fresu and Daniele Di Bonaventura record a CD with
the producer Manfred Eicher.
On Wednesday 25 after the screening, Paolo Fresu & Daniele Di Bonaventura will play a few tracks from their new album.


Arrested Cinema: China

For the fourth year running, Cinéma du réel puts a spotlight on politically committed documentary filmmakers around the world. After Syria, Iran and Russia, our reflection this year turns to China and the filmmakers Zhao Liang and Hu Jie.


Screening Room : Tribute to Robert Gardner

A traveller-filmmaker who died last June, Robert Gardner opened up new dimensions for visual anthropology. Tribute organised in partnership with the Musée national d'art moderne (Mnam) and the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF).
- Screening of "Correspondence", Robert Fenz and "Forest of Bliss", Robert Gardner
- Installation "Screening Room", Forum -1


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