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ParisDOC is a laboratory. As the professional component of the festival, ParisDOC is closely attuned to the evolution of filmmaking and viewing practices, and to the considerations and challenges emerging within the trade. Principally aimed at supporting the circulation of independent documentary cinema
at European and international levels, ParisDOC also seeks to perpetuate the inventiveness, flexibility, and particularism of documentary cinema, the prototypical quality of every film, and values of craftsmanship in an industry that is at once vulnerable and prolific. With this in mind, ParisDOC promotes exchanges between filmmakers, producers, distributors, festival networks, and international sales agents. This is why WIP and the European Classic Documentary Film Meetings offer a dedicated space tailored to their needs, providing individual support and dealing with topics relevant to a variety of practices. First inaugurated this year, First Contact also aims at bringing authors and producers together around various projects currently in the writing stage, in partnership with Eurodoc and Ateliers Varan. Finally, with Les Matinales (morning sessions) and Public Forum, the festival provides moments of reflection and discussion aimed at students and newcomers to the profession, all of whom make up the future of documentary filmmaking.

Catherine Bizern