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En nous – audiodescription

2021 France 99 min

The audio description of this programme will be broadcast in the room’s sound system and will therefore be heard by all the spectators.

This screening is accessible to French speakers only.

Ten years ago, Emmanuelle, a French teacher in a high-school in the northern suburbs of Marseille, took part in a film with her students. Based on their class study of The Princess of Cleves, the film hears them express their dreams, desires and fears. Today what remains of their hopes of liberty, equality and fraternity?

Production :
Shellac, in coproduction with Arte France Cinéma, with the participation dof Arte France
Image :
Aurélien Py, Régis Sauder
Sound :
Pierre-Alain Mathieu
Editing :
Agnès Bruckert
Print contact :

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