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Agnès Perrais
2022 France 83 min

At the end of the Middle Ages, in Florence, Italy, a revolt of the poorest textile workers, the Ciompi, upsets the city and succeeds in overthrowing the government. In Florence, I film in their footsteps to bring out the ghosts of this revolt. In the industrial suburbs, I discover the echoes in the present, in the modern textile factories where immigrant workers are exploited. In Paris, I dialogue with the militant researcher who made the history of the revolt. Together we question the political stakes of writing history in the construction of a fertile collective memory. 

Agnès Perrais

After studying literature and earning a doctorate in cinema, Agnès Perrais directed two documentaries, Tant que nous sommes à bord and Magari!, about political and social issues that she seeks to address through the prism of the imaginary. In recent years, her cinematographic practice has focused on cinema on film: she became co-president of L’Etna and a member of L’Abominable, two shared laboratories for analog and experimental cinema where she works on both documentary projects and short poetic forms. 

Stage :
Editing in progress
Completion :
December 2022
Screening version length :
83 min
Expected final length :
80 min
Production :
L'image d'après (Lysa Heurtier Manzanares, Orlane Dumas), La surface de dernière diffusion (Frédérique Menant)
Production contact :
Funds :
Normandie Images, Rendez-vous de l’Histoire de Blois, Tënk, CNC, Ciclic Centre-Val-de-Loire, Procirep Angoa

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