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David Beltrán i Marí
Cuba, Spain
Wed 29
screening for distribution professionals only

Landi spends long stretches alone in the inhospitable Cuban swamp to the west of Zapata. There, he stocks up on what nature has to offer and poaches crocodiles with little more than his bare hands. On the coast, his wife, Mercedes, cares for their son who has severe autism. The days go by and Mercedes grows impatient, Landi should have been back by now and she has no news. Finally, he returns, laden with meat that they trade for other food to subsist for a while until he must go back inland to the marshes. Their lives are a circle marked by need and absences.

David Beltrán i Marí studied at the ESCAC and then at the EICTV in Cuba. He has directed the short feature Quizá Mañana, winner of the Public’s Award at the 16th edition of the International Festival of Film Schools in Uruguay. He is based in Havana since 2015. He directed the documentary piece The Last Two for the cultural platform Jungles in Paris, about the last two inhabitants of a ghost town in rural Spain. Since 2021, he has been dividing his time between his artistic works and teaching, directing the EICTV’s international program for higher studies.

Wed 29
screening for distribution professionals only
Stage :
editing in progress
Completion :
May 2023
Screening version length :
120 min
Expected final length :
105 min
Production :
Lía Rodríguez (Ventú Productions)
Production contact :
Funds :
Ventú Productions (pour la finalisation du montage, l’étalonnage, et les livraisons techniques)

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