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Cinéma du réel ParisDOC WIP at Cannes Docs Marché du film 2021





We are proud to present 4 Works-in-Progress ParisDOC at Cannes Docs – Marché du Film 2021

ParisDOC is the professional platform of Cinéma du réel, International Documentary Film Festival in Paris. The ParisDOC WIPs are designed to actively support the distribution, promotion and exhibition of feature-length documentaries at a key stage in their production process.
These 4 works-in-progress, french and international, are ready for selection and sale. They have been selected from the ParisDOC WIP 2021 in accordance with the editorial line of Cinéma du réel to promote the diversity of documentary narratives and forms.

These 4 showcases will be presented by the project holders

ONLINE | Friday 9 July: 14:30-15:45
ONSITE | Monday 12 July: 10:00-11:15

A THOUSAND FIRES by Saeed Taji Farouky






Country of production : France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Palestine
Produced by : Point du Jour – Les films du Balibari (Estelle Robin You), AKKA Films (Palmyre Badinier), BIND (Joram Willink), ODEH Films (May Odeh)
Production stage: Post-Production
Expected release: November, 2021

GWETTO by Michaël Andrianaly






Country of production : Madagascar
Produced by : Imasoa Film (Michaël Andrianaly)
Production stage : Post-Production
Expected release : January, 2022

OF DOGS AND GODS by Laurent Van Lancker






Country of production : Belgium, France
Produced by : Roue Libre Production (David Borgeaud)
Production stage : Post-Production
Expected release : August, 2021

SOULÈVEMENT by Laurie Lassalle






Country of production : France
Produced by : Les Films de l’œil sauvage (Quentin Laurent)
Production stage : In Production
Expected release : November, 2021

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We are happy to announce that the films
> GHOST SONG by Nicolas Peduzzi (selected at ParisDOC WIP 2020)
> SOY LIBRE by Laure Portier (whose first short film The Dog’s Eye was discovered in Cinéma du réel 2019 competition)
are selected in ACID Cannes 2021 program !

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