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Francisco Rodríguez Teare

Francisco Rodríguez Teare is a Chilean artist and filmmaker based in France with a moving image practice. Since 2015 he has been creating film and video works and exhibiting them internationally both in film festival circuits and contemporary art contexts. His work explores the flow of power within fluid global networks and territories, opacity of violence, the traces of the dead in the world of the living, oral traditions and their intersection with personal memory and popular myths.

2018: Why are they equipped with eyes – Le Fresnoy. 2K. Fiction. 29 min
2017: Una luna de hierro – Le Fresnoy. 16mm. Hybrid documentary. 28 min
2015: Appels téléphoniques – La Fémis. HD & super 8mm. Hybride. 10 min
2014: Samanta  – Universidad de Chile . HD. Fiction. 26 min