Cinéma du Réel - International documentary film festival

Special screenings

20 ans de la Lucarne / Arte - Intimate Stranger

Alan Berliner

1991 / U.S.A. / 60 min

Joseph Cassuto is Alan Berliner’s grandfather, a Palestinian Jew who was a cotton buyer for the Japanese in Egypt. During World War II the family split in half. They reunited in New York, but Cassuto was restless and moved to Japan. After his death, his grandson constructs a poetic and emotional puzzle… 20 ans de la Lucarne / Arte - Intimate Stranger - Read more…

Al bab al sabea

Crossing the Seventh Gate

Ali Essafi

2017 / Morocco / 80 min

La Septième Porte is the title of a 300-page film-history work dedicated to Moroccan cinema between 1907 and 1986. It was written by Ahmed Bouanani (1938–2011) by hand over many years, but never published. Ali Essafi visited Bouanani three years before his death. Film excerpts, interviews and other… Al bab al sabea - Read more…

Atelier de conversation

Bernhard Braunstein

2017 / Austria, France, Liechtenstein / 72 min

Every week at the Bpi public library, a small group gets together to learn and practice French in seemingly banal conversations that reveal different and sometimes antagonistic backgrounds. Refugees, expatriates and students meet in front of the camera, which through their words and looks records secrets… Atelier de conversation - Read more…


Sergei Loznitsa

2016 / Germany / 94 min

Loznitsa captures the wanderings of visitors to the Sachsenhausen and Dachau camps using an observational method that has only a semblance of neutrality. He explores the gap between the tourist experience and the sacralisation of these places that are now monuments of remembrance. His camera questions… Austerlitz - Read more…

Cinéma de Notre Temps : Danielle Arbid – Un chant de bataille

Yannick Casanova

2017 / France / 50 min

Desire, fantasy and the nostalgia of a place as the drivers of a longing for cinema. Yannick Casanova followed the filmmaker Danielle Arbid in Beirut where she was born and in Paris where she lives and works – two cities that have nurtured her creation. As their conversations progress, Arbid’s commitment… Cinéma de Notre Temps : Danielle Arbid – Un chant de bataille - Read more…

Cinema Futures

Michael Palm

2016 / Austria / 126 min

In Vertigo, Kim Novak points to the cross-section of a felled redwood, saying: “Somewhere here I was born and there I died.” It happens that the cut tree has the exact shape of a film reel… And what if films were also condemned to die and disappear? What solutions can we invent today to ensure that… Cinema Futures - Read more…

O Cinema, Manoel de Oliveira e Eu

The Cinema, Manoel de Oliveira and Me

João Botelho

2016 / Portugal / 81 min

“An old photograph taken thirty-six years ago. His hand rests on my shoulder. A blessing, a gift. Then the story of over four decades of friendship, admiration and apprenticeship. A journey into Oliveira’s cinema, his method, his way of filming and his extraordinary cinematographic inventions. He lived… O Cinema, Manoel de Oliveira e Eu - Read more…

La Cinémathèque du documentaire - The Cinema Travellers

Amit Madheshiya, Shirley Abraham

2016 / India / 96 min

The Cinémathèque du documentaire will be launched with an evening of presentation of its activities on Monday 27 March at 7:30 pm. The presentation will be followed by the screening of "The Cinema Travellers", Amit Madheshiya and Shirley Abraham: In India, a shrewd exhibitor, a benevolent showman… La Cinémathèque du documentaire - The Cinema Travellers - Read more…

Closing Night Film: Burma Storybook

Petr Lom

2016 / Netherlands / 81 min

The portrait of a country emerging from years of dictatorship told through Burmese poetry. The film centres on the story of a famous dissident poet, Maung Aung Pwint, who has spent many years behind bars for his political activism. Today he is yearning for his son, who lives in political exile in Finland,… Closing Night Film: Burma Storybook - Read more…

Domenica sera

Franco Piavoli

1962 / Italy / 11 min

Young country folk get together to dance once evening falls. The girls arrive on bikes, the boys comb their hair, getting ready to meet them. The less shy start dancing right away. Later, some sing their way home, content with a promise. Others take advantage of the darkness to make love.



Franco Piavoli

2016 / Italy / 40 min

“Mass is over, go and dance!” says the priest of Saint-Peter to his parishioners. In the evening, the village fete brings together people of all ages. As always in the cinema of Franco Piavoli, a form of contemplative religious feeling is inseparable from something concrete, almost sensual. The chimes… Festa - Read more…

Film en audiodescription - Champ de batailles

Film in audiodescription - Field of Battles

Edie Laconi

2017 / France / 100 min

Engaged in child protection work, the parenting centre welcomes mothers and fathers who feel ill at ease in their role as parents. In a place where feelings and emotions run high, there is a fine line between protection and constraint, advice and admonition, reparation and separation. While two young… Film en audiodescription - Champ de batailles - Read more…

Fleurs sauvages

Savage Flowers

Guillaume Massart

2016 / France / 40 min

Since 1987, the anthropologist Pierre-Jacques Dusseau, who works in prisons, has collected objects made by detainees. Refused by museums of ethnography, these everyday objects and artistic creations are gathering dust in his attic. Each one has a story that sheds a different light on penal institutions… Fleurs sauvages - Read more…

Frère Alain – EA5

Vincent Dieutre

2017 / France / 63 min

“Dear Alain, I have now arrived in Florence. So I will have to shoot this film about you, without you, and it’s perhaps best that way. In Florence, the church walls are very familiar with renunciation, asceticism, and saintliness too! Here, I’ll keep a sort of diary (à la Cavalier), as you know how… Frère Alain – EA5 - Read more…

Gray House

Matthew Booth, Austin Lynch

2017 / U.S.A. / 75 min

A fisherman (Denis Lavant) in Texas, oil workers in North Dakota, a rural community in Virginia (with the artist Dianna Molzan), detainees in Wilsonville jail in Oregon and a woman (Aurore Clément) preparing to go out for the evening in Los Angeles form a puzzle in which documentary and fiction intertwine.… Gray House - Read more…

Kharej al-itar aw thawra hata el nasser

Off Frame aka Revolution until Victory

Mohanad Yaqubi

2016 / France, Lebanon, Palestine, Qatar / 62 min

At first sight, a jumble of rushes: images of war, daily gestures, political slogans and news items. But looking closer, a historical plunge in the construction of modern-day Palestinian identity through rare archive footage gleaned in the four corners of the world. The film thus becomes a way of saving… Kharej al-itar aw thawra hata el nasser - Read more…

Luce, à propos de Jean Vigo

Leïla Férault-Levy

2016 / France / 67 min

In Luce’s cluttered apartment, an old wicker trunk is being carried into the sitting room – “Can we get through?” “Careful with the telephone cord!” Luce is Jean Vigo’s daughter and in front of her are the family archives. She confesses: “I don’t even remember when I found out my father was a filmmaker.” … Luce, à propos de Jean Vigo - Read more…

El mar la mar

J.P. Sniadecki, Joshua Bonnetta

2017 / U.S.A. / 94 min

The sun beats down mercilessly on all those who cross the Sonoran Desert between Mexico and the United States: the few people who live here, and the poorest of undocumented immigrants that try to cross the border. Their traces and remains accumulate, fade, decompose and become inscribed into the topography… El mar la mar - Read more…

Troisième Printemps

Third Spring

Arnaud de Mezamat

2016 / France / 80 min

Although little-known, the nursery based in Antony, near Paris, was once one of the leading mental healthcare centres in France. The daily life of this unique institution – which now seems like a utopia – was filmed in 1999, a few months before its closure. Sixteen years later, the filmmaker revisits… Troisième Printemps - Read more…

Viaggio a Montevideo

Giovanni Cioni

2017 / Italy / 51 min

“The film grew out of location-hunting in the Aosta Valley. . . .Its inspiration was the “cinematic” material of Dino Campana’s Orphic Songs, the layers of time that overlap with the musical matter of the elements, water, earth, stone, fire, in resonance with his visions of escapes and wanderings. .… Viaggio a Montevideo - Read more…

Voci nel tempo

Franco Piavoli

1996 / Italy / 86 min

Year after year, the clock chimes of the tiny Lombard village, Castellaro Lagusello, mark the passing seasons of life and nature. The micro-stories woven together by the film emerge out of a shot, a face, a gesture, a noise or a shadow. As in all of Piavoli’s films, the soundtrack is reworked so as… Voci nel tempo - Read more…