Cinéma du Réel - International documentary film festival

Short Films Int. Comp.

115 DB

Lucile Chaufour

2017 / France / 40 min

The noise of an engine, comments over the loudspeakers, the clatter of parts changed at top speed by a swarm of mechanics… What first strikes you in this film with its sonorous (but perhaps military-like) title is the finesse of its sound mix. Despite the feeling of immersion created by the surround… 115 DB - Read more…


Saif Alsaegh

2016 / U.S.A. / 21 min

A minimalist collage with a rich sound track, Alazeef (“spirits of the desert” in Arabic) plunges the spectator into the stream of consciousness of an Iraqi soldier, one week before the Desert Storm operation of 1991 (Saif Alsaegh’s year of birth). In reply to the fragmentation of Baghdad, which resembles… Alazeef - Read more…

The Brick House

Eliane Esther Bots

2016 / Netherlands / 15 min

In a small flat in the Netherlands, two friends recall patchy memories of their childhood in Africa. “Your photo, there, are those your parents? You’re lucky to have kept it. – It was taken in 1965...” Based on her discussions with Hija and Sapa, the filmmaker organises a re-enactment in which their… The Brick House - Read more…



Alejandro Alonso

2017 / Cuba / 12 min

In Cuba’s Sierra Maestra mountains, 17-year-old Yoan can no longer find peace. With guidance from his mother, who has herself been tormented by trance-like states since her teenage years, he combats what may be his late father’s spirit. Enriched by Alejandro Alonso’s own experience (he has had a similar… Duelo - Read more…

Now He’s out in Public and Everyone Can See

Natalie Bookchin

2017 / U.S.A. / 24 min

“It’s the story of a Black man”… The editing of video blogs collected from 2009 to 2011 weaves together a collective story that is refracted and contradictory. Soon, the “FACTS” – a word hammered out by each and all in a modern-day equivalent of a classical Greek chorus – fade under the scribbles… Now He’s out in Public and Everyone Can See - Read more…

Nyo Vweta Nafta

Ico Costa

2017 / Mozambique, Portugal / 21 min

The filmmaker returns to Inhambane, in Mozambique, where he lived in 2010. He wants to find his friend Nafta but also take the temperature of a young generation that cleans houses or washes cars while waiting to make its fortune abroad. “The richer a country, the fewer toothpicks it has! In Norway,… Nyo Vweta Nafta - Read more…


Isabel Pagliai

2017 / France / 14 min

A waterway, at night. A beach, children. During the day, people strolling along the river bank. While we are free to let ourselves be carried away by the movements and landscapes without searching for the meaning of this triptych, the title does allow us to guess that the filmmaker has re-appropriated… Orfeo - Read more…

People Pebble

Jivko Darakchiev, Perrine Gamot

2017 / France, United Kingdom / 18 min

A pneumatic drill, someone whistling, the noise of a locomotive, birds, wind… In this audiovisual music score, we enjoy trying to identify what we are seeing or hearing, sometimes by guesswork – for instance, the children romping on the beach seem to be making snowballs. Man’s many activities in the… People Pebble - Read more…


Pierre Michelon

2017 / France / 28 min

“Tepantar is the story of a youngster who wanted to become stateless… Oedipus, Marguerite Duras, Guy Hocquenghem and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak offered him words as sharp as the spears that he one day gave to Sudipta Mitra Datta, a multilingual bird capable of singing new horizons.” In West Bengal,… Tepantar - Read more…

Through the Looking Glass


2017 / China / 14 min

“Through the Looking Glass captures the moment of a small festival organised by herdsmen and monks on a pasture in Golok to present films they themselves have made. This small celebration brings together Tibetan villagers, many of whom had to travel long distances on foot or horseback to attend the… Through the Looking Glass - Read more…


Majed Neisi

2016 / Iran / 39 min

In Khorramshahr, an Iranian city on the Iraqi border occupied by Iraq for two years, an Iranian photographer and an Iraqi army cameraman meet up thirty-seven years after the outbreak of war between their two countries. Their dialogue – in which each speaks his own language – seems both perilous and… Undo - Read more…

Whipping Zombie

Yuri Ancarani

2017 / Italy / 30 min

In a remote Haitian village, a ritual ceremony is filmed for the first time: the kale zonbi (“whipping zombie”). Through bodies dead with exhaustion then symbolically reborn, dance, music and trance seem to act out a distant memory of slavery with extraordinary violence. But Yuri Ancarani sets this… Whipping Zombie - Read more…