Cinéma du Réel - International documentary film festival

Low-Fi Chronicles : In Between - Installation

For three years, the “In between” section has set the spotlight on artists working at the crossroads of documentary, fiction and contemporary art. So far, it has invited artists more accustomed to working in the gallery and museum circuit to plunge into the darkness of the film theatre. This year, the proposal has been turned around: an experienced filmmaker, Vincent Dieutre, is faced with an open exhibition space as he presents a film piece in the form of an installation. He will also be present in the Festival’s film theatres for the world premiere screening of his film Frère Alain – EA5 as part of the Special Screenings.

Low-Fi Chronicles, Christophe Berhault, Vincent Dieutre
Forum -1, Centre Pompidou, from March 24th until April 2nd, 11:00am - 10:00pm.

Born of a collaboration between Vincent Dieutre (film director) and Christophe Berhault (painter and visual artist), Low-Fi Chronicles invites us to a singular sensory experience. Some 5,000 analog photos from Christophe Berhault’s diary appear chronologically on the screen, forming triptychs. Without leaving the viewer enough time to evaluate them in aesthetic terms, the pictures replace one another following the rhythm of the seasons. The triptych slowly becomes a vast landscape, mapping the pulse of Berlin, an obsessive slide show of memory, between intimacy and traces of history. Following the rhythm of the pictures, Vincent Dieutre’s voice begins to recount memories of his stays in Berlin. The forgotten places and unknown faces refresh his memory.

This project was supported by La Fondation Nationale des Arts graphiques et Plastiques.