Cinéma du Réel - International documentary film festival

International Competition


A Yangtze Landscape

XU Xin

2017 / China / 156 min

Xu Xin, born close to the Yangtze, transforms the river into an immense tracking rail stretching several thousand kilometres. This gentle journey and the contemplative tone of the black-and-white are immediately undermined by the neon sign on a Shanghai skyscraper insisting: “You can and must obey… Changjiang - Read more…

Ejercicios de memoria

Memory Exercises

Paz Encina

2016 / Germany, Argentina, France, Paraguay, Qatar / 70 min

The Paraguay where Paz Encina grew up until she was 18 endured the longest dictatorship in Latin America, from 1954 to 1989. In 1998, the filmmaker, whose father opposed the regime, had already begun to gather the testimony of the widow of Agustín Goiburú, the most famous dissident under the Stroessner… Ejercicios de memoria - Read more…

Ghost Hunting

Raed Andoni

2017 / France, Palestine, Qatar, Switzerland / 94 min

In 2009, in Fix ME, Raed Andoni, suffering from migraines, filmed his psychoanalysis and let the causes for his niggling headache rise to the surface: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In Ghost Hunting, he imagines a dispositif to encourage Palestinians who, like himself and a quarter of the male population,… Ghost Hunting - Read more…

Luz Obscura

Obscure Light

Susana de Sousa Dias

2017 / Portugal / 76 min

Drawing on identity photos taken by the Portuguese political police during the dictatorship, Susana de Sousa Dias continues the work she began fifteen years ago on the possibility of representing a repressed history and giving an account of the torture now erased. One of the photos stands out for its… Luz Obscura - Read more…

Maman Colonelle

Mama Colonel

Dieudo Hamadi

2017 / France, Congo, Democratic Republic of the / 72 min

When the film begins, the police colonel who heads the unit for sexual violence and the protection of minors in Bukavu is getting ready to say goodbye to the women and children who view her transfer with dismay. With the same dexterity as in National Diploma, where he followed a group of students… Maman Colonelle - Read more…


Vincent Carelli, Ernesto de Carvalho, Tatiana Almeida

2016 / Brazil / 162 min

When in 1988 Vincent Carelli filmed the Guarani-Kaiowa’s struggle to reclaim their lands in Mato Grosso do Sul , little did he know that twenty years on, the violence would be even worse and their acquired rights threatened by pressure from the agribusiness lobbies. Returning with his collaborators… Martírio - Read more…

No Intenso Agora

In the Intense Now

João Moreira Salles

2017 / Brazil / 127 min

Combining archives of May 1968, amateur films showing the crushing of the Prague Spring that same year and the tourist images of his mother’s trip to China in the year of the Cultural Revolution, João Moreira Salles questions the posterity of the most intense moments of history, be they official or… No Intenso Agora - Read more…

Paris est une fête - Un film en 18 vagues

Paris Is a Moveable Feast - A Film in 18 Waves

Sylvain George

2017 / France / 95 min

Sylvain George crosses Paris in 2015 and 2016 with an “unaccompanied foreign minor”, as the official term has it. This splendid whirlwind in black-and-white mixes the details of iconic monuments – an equestrian statue, the obelisk or the big wheel – with life in the streets. “Aubervilliers: our facilities… Paris est une fête - Un film en 18 vagues - Read more…

Postcards from the Verge

Sebastian Mez

2017 / Germany / 72 min

In Israel for the first time, Sebastian Mez decided to stay there for a few weeks instead of the four days initially planned as the landscapes evoked so many stories for him, encouraging him to film. Although the title describes the five chapters of the film as postcards, they are anything but chromos:… Postcards from the Verge - Read more…

A Strange New Beauty

Shelly Silver

2017 / U.S.A. / 50 min

In an upmarket house surrounded by an idyllic garden, there is no trace of human presence, even though a family obviously lives there. Voices, sounds and superimposed text create a feeling of disquiet whose origin continually escapes us. “A house can feel pain”… Playing on a doubling of vignettes against… A Strange New Beauty - Read more…

Xiongnian zhipan

We the Workers

HUANG Wenhai

2017 / China, Hong Kong / 174 min

From 2009 to 2015, Huang Wenhai follows the efforts of labour activists and lawyers who are defending workers’ rights, not without some risk to themselves, in several regions in China. Showing the same perseverance as them, he alternates public moments and private scenes in the flats of those workers… Xiongnian zhipan - Read more…