Cinéma du Réel - International documentary film festival

Ing K: At work

Bangkok Joyride. Part 1. “How We Became Superheroes”

Ing K

2016 / Thailand / 147 min

“A record of the Shutdown Bangkok protests in 2013-2014, which is fast becoming forbidden history. The censors will not be consulted, since the historic ruling they made for Censor Must Die, which exempts news footage and cinéma vérité from the censorship process, applies. (For its release, an independent… Bangkok Joyride. Part 1. “How We Became Superheroes” - Read more…

Bangkok Joyride. Part 2. “Shutdown Bangkok”

Ing K

2016 / Thailand / 135 min

“Despite their closing credits (‘Starring the Ordinary People of Thailand’), Bangkok Joyride Part 1 and Part 2 will have shown that no one is ordinary, that each initiative reveals the unique and sovereign character of each protester, in a ballet of groups, crowds and individuals where we sometimes… Bangkok Joyride. Part 2. “Shutdown Bangkok” - Read more…

Shakespeare Must Die

Ing K

2012 / Thailand / 176 min

“This ‘Shakespearean horror movie’, a tale of politics and black magic, translated into Thai directly and exactly from The Tragedy of Macbeth, with some cinematic and Thai cultural adaptations, takes place in two parallel worlds: inside the theatre, the world of the play about the ambitious and bloody… Shakespeare Must Die - Read more…

Censor Must Die

Ing K

2013 / Thailand / 150 min

“Ing’s response to the banning of Shakespeare Must Die was to do what she did before: pick up a camera. As Ing and her producer journeyed from being denied a rating to public protests to a failed appeal, a plotline began to emerge: a shoestring Waiting for Godot with overtones of Kafka; high Shakespearean… Censor Must Die - Read more…

My Teacher Eats Biscuits

Ing K

1998 / Thailand / 120 min

“An experimental feature: a satire set in a New Age ashram whose disciples worship a dog as God. Silly, absurd and heavily inspired by John Waters, but banned by the Thai Government Film Censorship Board as an insult to all religions. Director also summoned to testify before the Parliamentary House… My Teacher Eats Biscuits - Read more…

Citizen Juling

Ing K

2008 / Thailand / 240 min

“‘How do you make a film about a girl who could never give you an interview, because she’s in a coma?’ asks the Thai artist Ing K. The answer: with the Thai contemporary art photographer Manit Sriwanichpoom and the controversial opposition senator Kraisak Choohavan, Ing produced Citizen Juling, an intelligent… Citizen Juling - Read more…

Masterclass Ing K

150 min

Ing K dialogues with Jean-Michel Beurdeley, founder and director of the MAIIAM, Contemporary Art Museum (Chiang Mai, Thailand) and Nicole Brenez, curator of the retrospective.