Cinéma du Réel - International documentary film festival

French Competition

Chaque mur est une porte

Every Wall Is a Door

Elitza Gueorguieva

2017 / France / 58 min

“When I was seven, my mother had the gift of ubiquity. Once a month, she would split in two…” The voice-over evoking childhood memories places the Bulgarian television programme Version M, hosted by the filmmaker’s mother, in a magical setting. Drawing on the family’s collection of VHS tapes, Elitza… Chaque mur est une porte - Read more…

Derniers jours à Shibati

Last Days in Shibati

Hendrick Dusollier

2017 / France / 60 min

“This foreigner keeps filming us!... He’s most likely a drop-out, otherwise, what the hell would he be doing here?” Hendrick Dusollier never escapes his status of foreigner as he films the gradual dismantling of the last old district of the huge city of Chongqing for over a year. He fully integrates… Derniers jours à Shibati - Read more…

Des bobines et des hommes

Of Rolls and Men

Charlotte Pouch

2017 / France / 67 min

At the Bel Maille textile factory in Roanne, which served as the set for La Fille du patron – a social comedy about an ailing firm – reality catches up with fiction. The company is placed in receivership and its director meets potential buyers. He plies them, and everyone else, with the same discourse… Des bobines et des hommes - Read more…

Hamlet en Palestine

Hamlet in Palestine

Nicolas Klotz, Thomas Ostermeier

2017 / Germany, France / 92 min

Visiting Ramallah in 2012 to put on Hamlet and run a workshop for young Palestinian actors, the German stage director Thomas Ostermeier returns to the Jenin refugee camp, where his friend, Juliano Mer-Khamis, was assassinated in the street in 2011. Mixing temporalities and different types of images,… Hamlet en Palestine - Read more…

Les Îles resonnantes

The Resonant Islands

Juruna Mallon

2017 / Brazil, France / 41 min

Plunging with no voice-over into the work of Éliane Radigue, a pioneer in France of minimalist and electroacoustic music, the filmmaker invites all of us to a physical and spiritual sound experience. The first sounds could be those of an orchestra tuning up; but this initial indecisiveness serves as… Les Îles resonnantes - Read more…

Je ne me souviens de rien

I Remember Nothing

Diane Sara Bouzgarrou

2017 / France / 59 min

“December 2010: the revolution breaks out in Tunisia, my father’s country of birth. The Tunisians’ furious cries converge oddly with those that have been unleashed inside me for several weeks. Suffering from bipolar disorder, I am going through a manic episode so intense that it leaves me almost totally… Je ne me souviens de rien - Read more…

La Plume du peintre

The Painter’s Pen

Marie Ka

2017 / France / 84 min

Antoine is 5 when the film begins. During the weekends spent at his father’s house in the country, the focus is on their relationship: the man’s rough yet helping attitude towards the child and the balance he strikes between teaching and educating, which reveals his conception of paternity and manliness.… La Plume du peintre - Read more…

Prends, Seigneur, Prends

For You, Lord, For You

Cédric Dupire, Gaspard Kuentz

2017 / France, India / 92 min

During the ceremonies of the Panchwa festival, the Kalbelia of Rajasthan converse with their dead – warriors and goddesses – through the entranced bodies of the living. The film begins and ends on the modest stage of a brick altar, first quite bare in the middle of the desert, then overladen with offerings… Prends, Seigneur, Prends - Read more…

Retour à Forbach

Return to Forbach

Régis Sauder

2017 / France / 78 min

“This is an old mining town in the east of Moselle, in the Lorraine coalfield, on the German border. Through war and annexation, it has at times been part of Germany and at others of France…” But make no mistake about the introduction: this Return is resolutely filmed and written in the first person.… Retour à Forbach - Read more…

Soleil sombre

The Sun Died

Marie Moreau

2017 / France / 41 min

In Avignon, Paulette, a middle-aged woman lives alone and is undergoing drug substitution treatment. “My darling Chouquette, remember your promise: that you won’t let yourself go to ruin...” Djilali, her lover and fellow drug addict, is serving time in prison. He asks her to wait for him. Much more… Soleil sombre - Read more…

Tenir la distance

Keeping the Distance

Katharina Wartena

2017 / France / 69 min

It is with Yann Dedet, the great French film editor known for his work with Truffaut and Pialat that the Belgian Joachim Lafosse has chosen to edit his fifth film, L’Économie du couple (After Love), the chronicle of a divorce and its emotional and economic repercussions on the couple and their children.… Tenir la distance - Read more…