Cinéma du Réel - International documentary film festival

First Films Int. Comp.

Ala hafet alhayat

On the Edge of Life

Yaser Kassab

2017 / Syria / 45 min

“Closer!... Further away… Now, it’s out of focus, go back… Now you’re too far away!” The impossible visual accommodations that the filmmaker’s father tries to reach in front of his webcam during their Skype conversation is emphasised in this autobiographical chronicle of an uprooting compounded by grieving.… Ala hafet alhayat - Read more…

Boli Bana

Simon Coulibaly Gillard

2017 / Belgium / 60 min

An immersion in the Fulani traditions in Burkina Faso, Boli Bana delicately recreates the moment of transition to adolescence. After Ama’s circumcision, we follow him into the bush camping under the stars with other herdsboys. Here, ethnographical tradition blends with a poetic approach that renders… Boli Bana - Read more…

Casa Roshell

Camila José Donoso

2016 / Chile, Mexico / 71 min

Roshell and Lili, both well into their forties, run a small transformist club in Mexico City, where men of all ages and backgrounds come to watch, cruise or learn how to dress in drag. With dialogues based on lengthy audio recordings and the filmmaker’s sustained relationship with the transgendered… Casa Roshell - Read more…

Du zi cun zai

Lone Existence

SHA Qing

2017 / China / 77 min

An old man draws water and laboriously carries his buckets up a steep road, two young girls pass by; an old woman cautiously descends the slope now covered in snow. Soon, these sketches give way to others, filmed at closer range, down below. These outdoor comings and goings are now tinged with the inquiring… Du zi cun zai - Read more…



Moran Ifergan

2017 / Israel / 67 min

“You lack inner peace, I can see it in your eyes…” With this abrupt remark thrown at her by a woman visiting the Wailing Wall, Moran Ifergan is reminded of the religion she had left in her late teens – she who used to come to this sacred site in Jerusalem. Confined to the women’s section, which also… Hakir - Read more…



Nadina Marquisio, Laura Martínez Duque

2017 / Argentina, Colombia / 71 min

Norma and Cachita, the first lesbian couple to marry in South America when they were already 68, decide to go back to Colombia where they first met. It is no coincidence that those filming these two women, who for many years fought in support of Argentine’s law on same-sex marriage, are a couple of… Juntas - Read more…



Elisa Flaminia Inno

2016 / Italy / 52 min

In Pagani, at the foot of Vesuvius, the celebration of Our-Lady-of-the-Hens is still tinged with a pre-Christian religiosity that continues to inspire the organisers and the inhabitants. The film opens with Fonzino’s mysterious but touching confession: “Before he died, my cousin Franco gave me the keys…… Pagani - Read more…

Vetal Nagri

Léandre Bernard-Brunel

2017 / France / 53 min

In the streets of Vadodara, in the State of Gujarat in India, a man drives around on a motorbike, stops and hands out a newspaper to the street craftsmen. Thumbing through this illustrated magazine – where the filmmaker and his Gujarati friend have gathered stories of local ghosts – triggers their desire… Vetal Nagri - Read more…

Vote off

Fayçal Hammoum

2017 / Algeria / 82 min

Fayçal Hammoum recounts the 2014 presidential election through non-voting inhabitants of Algiers who, like him, are in their thirties. Be it Bilel, a grocer by default exposed to his customers’ political babbling, or the more politically-charged comments of Younes, a militant FM radio journalist opposed… Vote off - Read more…

Wled Bayrout

Children of Beirut

Sarah Srage

2017 / France / 59 min

This poetic and socially engaged peregrination through the Dalieh port district in Beirut is firmly anchored in the intimate dimension – that of the photos which the filmmaker’s father, a major player in the reconstruction of the Lebanese capital from 1992, insisted on taking in front of the buildings… Wled Bayrout - Read more…