Cinéma du Réel - International documentary film festival


Dé/montage(s) #1

Friday 24 March 15H10 Cinéma 2


John Baldessari

1973 / U.S.A. / 19 min

A deconstruction of the basic elements and codes of narrative cinema. Baldessari isolates and breaks up a classic film into its component parts, and subverts the traditional Hollywood model, stressing structure over narrative coherence. A perfect meta-cinematic object, showing the precise making and… Title - Read more…

De grands événements et des gens ordinaires

Of Great Events and Ordinary People

Raoul Ruiz

1978 / France / 60 min

“A theoretical film on documentary. I would have liked it to be more delirious. The principle of the film was to shoot a fiction and edit it like the diary of a week’s shooting. There is a central subject: the elections in a Paris district seen through the eyes of an exiled Chilean. Then, there are… De grands événements et des gens ordinaires - Read more…

Dé/montage(s) #2

Saturday 25 March 17H00 Forum des Images 300
Wednesday 29 March 18H30 Cinéma 2

Mato Eles?

Sérgio Bianchi

1982 / Brazil / 34 min

“Parodic anthropological documentary which critiques the sentimental approach to the Brazilian Indians. Instead of the customary depiction of the local habitat, interspersed with talking-head interviews and disembodied voice-overs expressing the enlightened humanism of middle-class white filmmakers,… Mato Eles? - Read more…

Triste Trópico

Arthur Omar

1974 / Brazil / 75 min

“Arthur Omar’s film levels a critique laden with irony and hallucination at anthropological discourse in the tropics. Its protagonist, a surprising petty bourgeois doctor, embarks on a journey that will invert the sense of Lévi-Strauss’ approach. This is meta-cinema and, in this respect, it differs… Triste Trópico - Read more…

Dé/montage(s) #3

Wednesday 29 March 13H30 Cinéma 2
Friday 31 March 20H30 Forum des Images 100

Sigmund Freud’s Dora. A Case of Mistaken Identity

Jay Street Film Project

1979 / U.S.A. / 35 min

One of Freud’s most curious case studies – in which an 18-year-old suicidal woman walks out on her psychoanalytic treatments after three months – undergoes a fascinating deconstruction. Precisely reflecting the feminist and formalist concerns of its time, this film constructs a complex relationship… Sigmund Freud’s Dora. A Case of Mistaken Identity - Read more…

Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair

Esther Ronay, Susan Shapiro, Francine Winham

1978 / United Kingdom / 75 min

This inventive feminist film decodes the fairy tale of Rapunzel, re-framing the folk story in a variety of joyful ways, revealing its darker edges and exploring its role in the relationship between patriarchy and childhood. Using animated sequences, overlaid text and dramatisation, it revisits the Grimms’… Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair - Read more…

Dé/montage(s) #4

Thursday 30 March 13H50 Petite Salle
Saturday 01 April 18H30 Cinéma 2

Thakirah Arba’at ‘Ashar

Ahmed Bouanani

1971 / Morocco / 30 min

Made using archive footage from the Moroccan Cinema Centre, this film is a non-linear, syncopated and dissonant account of the French Protectorate in Morocco. “Thakirah Arba’at ‘Ashar was originally a poem I wrote in 1967, some passages of which are used in the film. I tried to recompose the “reality”… Thakirah Arba’at ‘Ashar - Read more…

Into the Unknown

Deimantas Narkevičius

2009 / Germany, Lithuania / 20 min

Reedited version of footage from the DEFA film studio in the GDR. The material is propaganda, presenting the charms of life in a socialist country. The soundtrack is not the film’s original and hence disturbs the idealised image of the well-balanced life of workers and intellectuals in a paradise, introducing… Into the Unknown - Read more…


Tamás St. Turba

2009 / Hungary / 40 min

Banned in 1975, even before the Hungarian neo-avant-garde artist Szentjóby (a.k.a. St. Turba) had completed the film, Kentaur is a seemingly classical representation of work (factory workers, farm workers in a field). But we soon realise that the dialogues are post-synchronised and re-enacted: the mismatch… Kentaur - Read more…

Dé/montage(s) #5

Friday 31 March 13H50 Cinéma 2

Unsere Afrikareise

Peter Kubelka

1966 / Austria / 12 min

Drawing on three hours of images and fourteen hours of sound recorded during a trip to Africa, Kubelka worked for five years on something quite different from his commissioned film (a safari film!)… He edited the film along several metaphoric, rhythmic and chromatic lines. Through his sound and image… Unsere Afrikareise - Read more…


Enrique Colina

1987 / Cuba / 11 min

In this satirical film, Enrique Colina ridicules sloppiness and negligence in daily life in Cuba. The consequences of having a lax attitude during worktime is shown in a humorous way. The ideological ambiguity of this film (does it blame or praise apathy?) is reached thanks to its astonishing editing.… Chapucerías - Read more…

Octobre à Madrid

Marcel Hanoun

1964 / Spain, France / 65 min

Initially a made-to-order documentary on Spain, the film becomes an open-ended work-in-the-making about the creative process. “Settling in the Spanish capital to make a documentary, Hanoun sketches out for us the different steps involved in making a film. The author turns his hesitations, his doubts… Octobre à Madrid - Read more…

Dé/montage(s) #6

Thursday 30 March 16H40 Luminor
Saturday 01 April 20H30 Forum des Images 100

Nightcleaners (Part 1)

Berwick Street Film Collective

1975 / United Kingdom / 90 min

Intending at the outset to make a campaign film for the unions, the Collective was forced to turn to new forms – rhythmic insertion of black spacing, asynchronous voice and image, slow motion, silence – in order to represent the forces at work. The fusion of political documentary with a rigorous reflection… Nightcleaners (Part 1) - Read more…

Dé/montage(s) #7

Friday 31 March 19H00 Cinéma 2

The Suppliant

Robert Beavers

2010 / U.S.A. / 5 min

“My filming for The Suppliant was done in February 2003, while a guest in the Brooklyn Heights apartment of Jacques Dehornois. When I recollect the impulse for this filming, I remember my desire to show a spiritual quality united to the sensual in my view of this small Greek statue. I chose to reveal… The Suppliant - Read more…

From the Notebook of...

Robert Beavers

1971-1998 / U.S.A. / 48 min

An essential work of structural harmony, binary oppositions and self-reflexive form. “Leonardo’s notebooks and Valéry’s essays on Leonardo’s creative method inspired my filming in Florence. I filmed myself observing various locations in darting camera movements, then I reflected on the details and placed… From the Notebook of... - Read more…