Cinéma du Réel - International documentary film festival

Andrea Tonacci: Full retrospective

Andrea Tonacci #1

Friday 24 March 17H30 Cinéma 2

Serras da Desordem

Andrea Tonacci

2006 / Brazil / 135 min

Having escaped the massacre of his Awá-Guajá community in 1978 Carapiru wandered alone for ten years until he was found 2,000 km from his starting point. Andrea Tonacci, together with Carapiru, reconstructs this journey and interweaves this re-enactment with archive footage.

Andrea Tonacci #2

Os Arara I e II

Andrea Tonacci

1982 / Brazil / 120 min

The work of a group of anthropologists who are trying to contact the Arara, a people that had never encountered white men until a highway was built cutting their territory in two. Commissioned by a television channel, the film was to have had three episodes. Only two were completed.

Andrea Tonacci #3

Tuesday 28 March 19H00 Petite Salle

Os Arara III

30 min

Cristina Amaral presents archive footage of the first contact with the Arara. The images were to have been included in the uncompleted third episode of the series.

Andrea Tonacci #4

Saturday 25 March 15H30 Cinéma 2

Conversas no Maranhão

Andrea Tonacci

1983 / Brazil / 117 min

During the official demarcation of their land in north Brazil, the Canela Apaniekrá people decide to block the work of the land surveyors and present their demands to the Brazilian Government. The film, made with the participation of the eldest members of the village council, seeks to create an official… Conversas no Maranhão - Read more…

Andrea Tonacci #5

Tuesday 28 March 13H40 Petite Salle

Struggle to Be Heard: Ampam Karakrás

Andrea Tonacci

1980 / Brazil / 30 min

The Shuar leader Ampam Karakrás (Ecuador) talks to the other peoples of Amazonia.

Struggle to Be Heard: Jimmie Durham

Andrea Tonacci

1979 / Brazil / 60 min

Testimony of the artist Jimmie Durham, then advisor to the UN’s International Indian Treaty Council, on the state of the indigenous struggle and organisation in the United States.

Andrea Tonacci #6

Tuesday 28 March 16H10 Petite Salle

Struggle to Be Heard: First Encounter of Southern Cone Indian Organization in Ollanvtambo

Andrea Tonacci

1980 / Brazil / 30 min

In the wings of an indigenous meeting in Peru, a Marxist Brazilian and a Peruvian Indian discuss the priories of the indigenous and working-class struggles, without reaching agreement.

Struggle to Be Heard: Clyde Bellecourt

Andrea Tonacci

1979 / Brazil / 60 min

The founder of the American Indian Movement, Clyde Bellecourt, speaks to the indigenous peoples of South America to share his experiences in the struggle for the recognition of their rights.

Andrea Tonacci #7

Sunday 26 March 14H30 Luminor
Thursday 30 March 16H10 Petite Salle

Jouez encore payez encore

Andrea Tonacci

1974 / Brazil / 65 min

A film that records the rehearsals of a Brazilian theatre troupe directed by Victor Garcia, and then the conflicts that break out as they tour Iran and France with a performance of Calderon’s autos sacramentales. A problem with a scenery prop sparks a crisis in the group and the film chronicles this… Jouez encore payez encore - Read more…

Andrea Tonacci #8

Saturday 25 March 21H00 Cinéma 2
Saturday 01 April 13H50 Cinéma 2


Andrea Tonacci

1967 / Brazil / 26 min

Faced with a crisis that erupts into popular protests, the authoritarian leader of an unnamed country plays his last card: a seemingly endless televised speech. His tyrannical, hysterical performance and the text, consisting in a collage of excerpts from diverse sources and contexts, denounce the lack… Blablabla - Read more…

Bang Bang

Andrea Tonacci

1970 / Brazil / 85 min

A man with multiple personalities serves as the through-line for a series of gratuitous and absurd episodes in which we meet a taxi driver, a ballerina and a trio of lunatics including a deaf, dumb and blind villain who fires a gun at random, a magician and a gluttonous woman. An explosive satire of… Bang Bang - Read more…

Andrea Tonacci #9

Sunday 26 March 18H40 Cinéma 2
Saturday 01 April 21H00 Cinéma 2

Olho por Olho

Andrea Tonacci

1966 / Brazil / 20 min

Driving around the city of São Paulo, a group of middle-class friends attempt to cope with an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness and frustration. They use a female friend as bait to attract a victim and then unleash their aggressiveness on him to free themselves from their alienation.

Já Visto Jamais Visto

Andrea Tonacci

2013 / Brazil / 54 min

A dialogue between the author’s memories and the images he filmed and saved over fifty years: fragments never shown, never revisited and never edited. A meditation on images that remain on the fringes of memory and memories on the brink of oblivion.