Cinéma du Réel - International documentary film festival

First Films International Competition

The Cockpit

Sho Miyake

2014 / Japan / 64 min

“Have you already played an instrument? – No. – Me neither.” But the instrument of the young Japanese hip-hop musician, OMSB, consists of sixteen square buttons on a console wired up to a vinyl turntable. The film rarely steps out of his cockpit, a tiny studio in Tokyo. With an uninterrupted focus on… The Cockpit - Read more…


Fluid Boundaries

Jeong-hyun Mun, Vladimir Todorovic, Daniel Rudi Haryanto

2014 / South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore / 87 min

In this epistolary road movie, two paths diverge, and for good reason: three filmmakers with different nationalities visit shifting borders. It all begins with inner frontiers: that of the foreign resident whose stupefaction on finding his favourite dish from “back home” in the local supermarket is… Gyeong-gye - Read more…

Hier sprach der Preis

The Price Was Key

Sabrina Jäger

2014 / Germany / 72 min

“Everything must go”: was ever a notice more peremptory? When she discovers that the German hardware chain Praktiker is closing down, the filmmaker sets off to film the final weeks of the branch in her hometown, Bruchsal. One of the two cashiers, Marina, arranges the flowers next to the “Closed” sign… Hier sprach der Preis - Read more…


Ljupcho Temelkovski

2015 / Germany, Macedonia / 82 min

A plunge into the intimacy of a Macedonian family, Margina has no more than its title to signal an outside world. Although it is far from simple to identify the different generations (who is the patriarch’s daughter? who is the second wife?), the physical closeness and the propensity of the men of the… Margina - Read more…

Strannye Chasticy

Strange Particles

Denis Klebleev

2014 / Russia / 51 min

From the mosquitos visible in the light of the oil-lamp in his bedroom to his cell phone conversations about black holes, little doubt that Konstantin teaches quantum physics. Everything around boils down to atoms; even when he listens to Bach, this is filtered by his perception of the universe as a… Strannye Chasticy - Read more…

Un asunto de tierras

A Matter of Land

Patricia Ayala Ruiz

2014 / Chile, Colombia / 78 min

From start to finish, Un asunto de tierras draws a horrendously perfect circle: the orb of a change that the Colombian Government enshrined in 2011 law without allowing its implementation. Patricia Ayala Ruiz could well have filmed the large-scale return of lands to Colombia’s victims of violence as… Un asunto de tierras - Read more…

Une partie de nous s’est endormie

Sound Asleep

Marie Moreau

2015 / France / 46 min

“I’m looking for my identity. Have you seen it?”… Djilali, a former long-term detainee, walks around in the protective obscurity of narrow streets. Sometimes Avignon’s architecture seems to symbolise his interiority and a dark itinerant past wizened inside him. Behind him, Marie Moreau is much more… Une partie de nous s’est endormie - Read more…

Voglio dormire con te

Mattia Colombo

2015 / France, Italy / 75 min

Born of insomnia, itself born of a recent break-up, Voglio dormire con te has found its own singular form and tone—halfway between allusion and murmur—to address what is most often inevitably over-dramatized on screen: the disaffection of a couple or perhaps not even that, rather the current precariousness… Voglio dormire con te - Read more…

Winter Buoy

Frida Kempff

2014 / Denmark, France, Sweden / 86 min

Right from the opening sequences of this chronicle of the relations between a couple of nurses and their pregnant drug-abusing patients, we plunge into the heart of events: impossible to trace back the origin of the cycle of pregnancies, placement of children, housing allocated then lost, couples destroyed… Winter Buoy - Read more…