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43rd Cinéma du réel Awards


Cinéma du réel Grand Prix
Funded by the Bibliothèque publique d’information (€ 5,000) and the Procirep (€ 3,000), and awarded to one feature film from both International and French Selections.

SCAM International Award
€5,000 funded by La Scam, is awarded to a feature film from the International Selection.

Institut Français – Louis Marcorelles Award
€ 5,000 funded by the Institut français, the prize has been awarded for more than 30 years to a feature film from the French selection. Through this prize, the Institut français supports the extraordinary richness and creativity of Cinéma du réel, a unique event that questions documentary in all its forms and, more broadly, cinema in its relationship to the world.

Original Music Award
€ 1,000 funded by the Sacem and awarded to the composer of a film from both International and French Selections.

The feature documentary film jury comprised the following members: Rémi Bonhomme (Director of the Festival International du Film de Marrakech  and Ateliers de l’Atlas), Hassen Ferhani (filmmaker), Juruna Mallon (filmmaker and sound designer), Laetitia Moreau (filmmaker), Yolande Zauberman (filmmaker).



Loridan-Ivens / Cnap award
Funded by CAPI Films (€ 2,500) and the Cnap (€ 4,000), is awarded to a first feature film from both International and French Selections.
This award was created by Marceline Loridan in order to support the emergence of new, original and committed filmmakers providing insights into our current realities. It is also a tribute to Joris Ivens, Marceline Loridan’s partner and one of the first supporters of Cinéma du réel. With this award, Marceline Loridan and Capi films wish to express their fondness for Cinéma du réel.
In 2016, CNAP (french national center for visual arts), public institution attached to the French Ministry of Culture, teamed up with Cinéma du réel for this prize. This award is part of CNAP’s ongoing activities to support and promote contemporary artistic practices in their diversity – as much in terms of artistic disciplines as of career trajectories. Every year, CNAP supports about twenty films promoting the use of new filmmaking techniques and practices under the support system for production houses, Image / Mouvement.

Short Film Award
Funded by the Bibliothèque publique d’information (€ 2,500) and awarded to a short film from both International and French Selections.

Tënk Short Film Award
Funded by Tënk (5,00 € and acquisition of SVOD broadcasting rights on the platform Tënk) and awarded to a short film from both International and French Selections.

The Short Film & First Film jury comprised the following members: Fatma Chérif (filmmaker), Elisabeth Franck-Dumas (critic), Damien Manivel (filmmaker), Catherine Millet (author), Michael Wahrmann (producer, director).



Cinéma du réel Young Jury Award
Funded by Ciné + (€ 15,000 as an acquisition of broadcasting rights) and awarded to a feature film from both International and French Selections, for its theatrical distribution.

This year, the Young Jury–Cinéma du réel comprised the following members: Agathe Arnaud, Pierre Gaudron, Antonius Ghosn, Rose Hirgorom, Antony Labiod, Barbara Perin and Sophie Bredier (filmmaker).



Library Award
Funded by the Direction générale des médias et des industries culturelles of the Ministry of Culture (€ 2,500) and awarded to a film of more than 50 minutes from the International Competition. The awarded film is purchased by the Bibliothèque publique d’information for inclusion in the library’s Catalogue national – Les Yeux Doc.

This year, the Library Jury comprised the following members: Fabrice Ballery, Guénaelle Slanoski, Christophe Thomas and Simone Bitton (filmmaker).



Cultural Intangible Heritage Award
Awarded and funded by the  Ministry of Culture (€ 2,500) to a film from both International and French Selections.
The film is presented as a medium particularly suited to show and understand the practices that we inherit in common, and that we strive, sometimes unconsciously, to continue to bring to life and transmit, which we technically name PCI since the 2003 UNESCO Convention on the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH). In the name of cultural diversity, against the hierarchy of cultures and discrimination, this Convention invites the 180 States Parties that have adopted it and therefore the hundreds of millions of humans living within the framework of these political organizations, to carried out actions to make known, recognize and safeguard these commons, cultural practices which make sense in continuity and creativity.

This year, the Cultural Intangible Heritage Jury comprised the following members: Valérie Perles,Damien Mottier, ​ Thomas Mouzard.




Funded by the CNC (acquisition of broadcasting rights on the CNC Images de la Culture catalog and attribution of a CNC Talent grant of residency) and awarded by the readers of Mediapart to a film from the “Première fenêtre” selection.


Le festival a créé cette année le Prix Route One/Doc, doté par le CNC sous la forme d’un contrat avec l’auteur du projet à hauteur de 2 000 €, équivalent à un pré-achat de droits pour le catalogue CNC-Images de la culture. Ce prix est attribué à un jeune diplômé ayant obtenu son diplôme en 2019 ou 2020 et qui travaille à un premier projet de film professionnel. Le lauréat se verra par ailleurs accompagné dans l’avancée de son travail par Régis Sauder, parrain du prix cette année. Ce prix fait l’objet d’un appel à candidatures qui s’est clôturé le 18 février dernier et est attribué par un jury composé de

The Route One/DOC Jury comprised the following members: Régis Sauder, Alice Guilbaud, Lev Khvostenko, Eva Markovits, and Guillaume Massart.