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In 1978, the 3rd Rencontres internationales du cinéma direct “Human looks at human”, created and launched by Jacques Willemont and his journal IMPACT, were held at the Centre Pompidou.

In 1979, the Bibliothèque publique d’information (Public information library) created Cinéma du réel, an international festivalfor ethnographic and sociological films, at the Centre Pompidou, with support from the C.N.R.S. (French national center for research) and the Comité du film ethnographique (Ethnographic film committee), in order to promote documentary cinema.

The event is organized by the Bibliothèque publique d’information  partnered by the association Les Amis du Cinéma du réel (Friends of the Cinéma du réel), created in 1984.

The festival mixes documentaries, essays and experimental films in selections that reflect a diversity of genres and different forms of cinematic approach to the world. It has become one of the rare festivals to highlight heritage films and look back at the different genres, but at the same time it also creates a dialogue between these and contemporary creation.

While discovering young talents, Cinéma du réel also keeps an eye on experienced filmmakers, screening both their most recent and earlier works. The festival has thus helped to give international visibility to many directors who are now familiar to the general public.

Film Festivals Partners

Cinéma du Réel has created special bonds with the following film festivals:

Ambulante International Film Festival, Mexico

Astra Film Festival, Sibiu International Film Festival, Romania

DocBuenosAires, Argentine

Doclisboa, Lisbon Documentary Film Festival, Portugal

DocPoint, Helsinki International Documentary Film Festival, Finland

Documenta Madrid, Spain

Dok Leipzig, Leipzig International Documentary and Animated Film Festival, Germany

– East Doc Platform, Institute of Documentary Film, République Tchèque

Entrevues Belfort, Festival International du film, Belfort, Franc

Festival Ânûû-rû âboro-l’ombre de l’homme, New Caledonia, France

Festival dei Popoli, Florence International Documentary Film Festival, Italy

Festival International de Films de Friburg, Switzerland

Festival International Jean Rouch, Paris, France

– FID, Festival International de Cinéma, Marseille, France

– FIPA, Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels, Biarritz, France

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, USA

Indieslisboa, International Independant Cinema Festival , Portugal

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Germany

– Lakeside Doc Festival, Festival of International Documentaries, Nainital, India

Punto de Vista, Navarre International Documentary Film Festival, Spain

Rencontre Internationale du Documentaire de Montréal, Canada

San Francisco International Film Festival, USA

Sunnyside of the docs, La Rochelle, France

TIDF, Taïwan International Documentary Festival, Taïwan

Viennale, Vienna International Film Festival Festival, Austria

Regulations 2019

Regulations 2019

1. The 41st Cinéma du réel International Film Festival will be held in Paris at the Centre Pompidou and other venues from March 15th to 24th 2019. The festival is organized by the Bibliothèque publique d’information (Public Information Library), The Association Les Amis du Cinéma du réel, the Centre Pompidou, with the support of the French Ministry of Culture (Service of Book and Reading and Heritage Directorate), le Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (National Film Centre-CNC), the Ile-de-France Regional Council, the City of Paris, the Procirep Television Commission, the Société civile des auteurs multimédia (SCAM Authors’ Society), the Institut français, the Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP), the Commissariat à l’égalité des territoires (CGET), the Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique (SACEM, Authors’ Society) and the direction départementale de la cohésion sociale de Paris.

2. Cinéma du réel gives priority to cinematographic writing and approaches, in a broad understanding of documentary that can challenge the traditional borders of the genre, whatever the subject, length, format or form. Nonetheless we strongly insist that the Festival is not seeking news reports, current affairs programs, promotional or corporate films. We invite you to learn about the festival’s editorial line by browsing through the previous years’ selections on the website.

3. The festival’s artistic direction determines the selection of films and the sections in which they will be programmed. In 2019 one International Competition and a French Selection, both including short films, feature films, first films.

4. The films submitted must have been completed after January 15th 2018..

5. Each film in competition will be screened three times during the festival, two of these screenings will be followed by a Q&A. The filmmakers’ presence is requested. The festival participates to their travelling and accommodation expenses. The film could also be part of a Cinéma du réel in regions’ programme, during or after the festival.

6. Only French premieres will be eligible for submission to the International Competitions. International premieres will be privileged.
Films in the French Selection must be world premieres.

7. Registration and Viewing Material
7.1 All films sent to the festival must be submitted by completing the online submission form available on the website. 
7.2 Deadlines
7.2.a – Films completed between January 15th and August 31st 2018: Online submission duly completed and viewing material to be sent October 12th 2018 at the latest.
7.2.b – Films completed after September 1st 2018: Online submission duly completed and viewing material to be sent and postmarked November 25th 2018 at the latest. 
7.2.c – Films still under completion on November 25th 2018: Online submission duly completed on November 25th and viewing material to be sent December 7th 2018 at the latest. 
7.3 There is no guarantee that films registered or sent after the above-mentioned deadlines will be previewed. 
7.4. Screeners can be private (password-protected) downloadable links (vimeo, youtube…) or DVDs (-R if possible) to be sent to the address given at the end of the submission form.
7.5. Films sent for the pre-selection process must be in their original version and subtitled in English or French.
7.6. The sender assumes mailing costs for the DVDs, as well as any related duties, charges and fees, notably shipping and customs charges. For DVD’s sent from abroad we advise you to include the following on the envelope: “No commercial value. For cultural purposes only”.
7.7. The festival keeps the viewing material for the sole purposes of documentation, promotion and viewing by professionals on its premises for a maximum period of 6 months, except for films included in the Festival’s video library, and will only return the viewing material upon formal request by the sender.

8. Selection
8.1. Filmmakers having their film selected at the festival will be personally contacted.
8.2. By the end of February 2019, the official selection will be published on the festival’s website. 
8.3. The filmmakers and right-holders of the selected films agree not to withdraw the films from the Festival programme after it has been announced at the end of February 2019, and not to screen or broadcast the film in France before the end of the festival, with the exception of private screenings they may organize.

9. Awards
– Grand Prize of the Cinéma du réel (Grand Prix Cinéma du réel), funded by the Bpi with the support of Procirep
– Scam International Award (Prix International de la Scam), funded by the Scam
– Institut français – Louis Marcorelles Award (Prix de l’Institut français – Louis Marcorelles), funded by the Institut français
– Joris Ivens / CNAP Award (Prix Joris Ivens / CNAP), funded by Marceline Loridan-Ivens, the CNAP and the Association des Amis du Cinéma du réel
– Short Film Award (Prix du Court Métrage), funded by the Bpi and supported by CinéCim
– The Youth Jury Award (Prix des Jeunes), funded by the Association Les Amis du Cinéma du réel, and supported by the Paris City Council
– The Library Award (Prix des Bibliothèques), funded by the Direction générale des médias et des industries culturelles, Ministry of Culture and Communication
– Intangible Heritage Award (Prix du Patrimoine Immatériel), awarded and funded by the Département du pilotage de la recherche et de la politique scientifique, Ministry of Culture and Communication
Original Music Award (Prix de la musique originale), funded by the Sacem, awarded by an internationally renowned composer
9.1. The attribution of mentions is entirely left to the discretion of the individual juries.
9.2. The award amounts are paid to the filmmakers. The festival cannot be held responsible for, or be involved in any further financial agreement resulting from the filmmakers’ contractual obligations.
9.3. Films awarded at Cinéma du réel are obliged to prominently include the logo provided corresponding to the award received on all promotional documents (posters, flyers, postcards, etc) and press kits published after the festival, in the context of a theatrical release or a presentation at a festival in France and abroad. This logo will also have to appear on DVDs and on the film’s credits
9.4. Films selected are invited to use the logo provided by the festival indicating their Cinéma du réel 2019 selection on promotional documents, DVDs and on the credits of the film.

10. Prints and format
10.1. The Festival has facilities to screen 16 and 35mm prints, DCP, Digital files (for further info please contact the festival staff). BluRays will only be accepted as back-ups. The Festival prefers the original exhibition format of the completed work. Only quality prints or digital copies will be accepted.
10.2. The screening material of the films must reach the festival end of February 2019 at the latest. No modified versions of the films will be accepted after this date.
10.3. The submitter is responsible for shipping costs and import fees to the festival. We will only assume the return expenses of the selected films, as well as storage and insurance expenses of the films from the time they are received until they are sent back. In case of loss or damage during this period, the Festival will assume responsibility only for the replacement value of the print at the current rate.
10.4. The films of the competitive sections (International Competition and French Selection) are provided to the festival free of charge.

11. Subtitles and versions
All films of the different competitive sections must be accessible to French and English speaking audience.
11.1. Films of the three International Competitions
– If the language of the film is French, the production company will be asked to provide the festival with an English subtitled print
– If the language of the film is English, the production company will be asked to provide the festival with a French subtitled print or with an .srt or .stl French subtitle file
– If the language of the film is neither French nor English, the production company will be asked to provide the festival with a print subtitled in one of these languages and an .srt or .stl subtitle file in the other language
11.2. Films of the French Competition.
– If the language of the film is French, the production company will be asked to provide the festival with an English subtitled print
– If the language of the film is English, the production company will be asked to provide the festival with a French subtitled print
– If the language of the film is neither French nor English, the production company will be asked to provide the festival with a print subtitled in one of these languages and an .srt or .stl subtitle file in the other language
11.3. All subtitle material must be sent in its final version, corresponding to the screening version of the film. The elements necessary to the electronic subtitling of the films must reach the festival on February 15th 2018 at the latest.

12. Video library and VoD
– Films selected as part of the International Competition and the French Selection will be included in the festival’s video library, accessible to professional accreditation holders. After the festival, the films of the video library will be accessible to researchers and programming professionals, in the festival’s office only.
– The festival also has VoD partners. Film rights holders will be offered the possibility for their films to be part of these VoD programmes.

13. Festival entry fee is 7€. No weaver will be granted. Registration is considered completed only once the fee has been received by the festival.
This registration implies full acceptance of the terms and provisions of the present Rules and Regulations.

Should any litigation arise only the French version of the Rules and Regulations shall prevail.

September 2018